Butterfly Dream W/ Bottom Flap Adult Pajama Onesie

SEXY Adult Pajama Onesie w/ Bottom Flap

Who doesn't want to feel sexy and comfy at the same time! Something about wearing a super cute adult pajama onesie makes everything worth the while. Whether you are boo'd up or simply hanging out, this adult pajama onesie screams LOVE and PEACE.

Beautiful shades of Blue and Beige toned butterfly on white background. This Spaghetti strap onesie adult pajama brings TONS of attention and it's not hard to see why. It has a BUTT FLAP !! Easy to open and close with Snap Fasteners.  Wash and dry as normal. 

Feel Snuggly and Fitted and just like a traditional pajama, "Butterfly Dream W/ Bottom Flap Adult Pajama Onesie" can be worn comfortably to bed as well.  

Sizes: S-XXL. Cotton and stretchy. 

Sleep comfy! Sleep Beautiful!
Sleepwear Onesie pajama


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